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We’ve heard you. You want more time to prepare and deliver the BTEC Tech Awards 2022 series. That's why we delivered extensions with you in mind, ensuring your learners get their results on time and hold onto their retake opportunities.

We’ve heard you. You want more time to prepare and deliver the BTEC Tech Awards 2022 series. That's why we delivered extensions with you in mind, ensuring your learners get their results on time and hold onto their retake opportunities.

6 Jul 2023, 10:15


At Pearson BTEC, we understand with as with any transition, there are bound to be some growing pains, and we recognize that the BTEC Tech Awards 2022 series has brought changes compared to the Legacy BTEC Tech Awards.

More time to teach

One key concern that we heard from our customers was the need for more time to effectively mark learner work. We understand the pressures you and your learners have been under in adopting new qualifications this year, the ongoing importance of thorough evaluation and the impact it can have on learner success.

In response to your feedback, we extended the marking submission deadline for the May assessments. This extension provided you with more time to deliver accurate assessments, while ensuring your learners will get their results on time and hold onto their retake opportunities in the next assessment series.

We also recognise that teachers require ample time to prepare and deliver the BTEC Tech Awards effectively. To maintain this additional time to prepare, deliver and mark going forward, we will be releasing all Pearson Set Assignments one month earlier from September*.

Early Moderator Feedback – Giving you a heads up that you won’t find anywhere else

We are the only provider that gives you moderator feedback reports well in advance of results, and the opportunity to submit mark adjustments if you wish to.

Early feedback gives you a valuable indication of what’s to come on Results Day so you can avoid any surprises and allows you take the feedback onboard during the series, when it is most relevant to you and your learners. This can help you to improve the accuracy of marking immediately and sets you up better for the next assessment.

Getting results on time

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your learners receive their results on time and can hold onto their retake opportunities. We know that timely results are critical as they allow students to confidently progress and understand how to improve. With our carefully considered extensions and support measures, we are dedicated to helping you maintain the highest quality standards and fairness for your learners regardless of when they sit the assessments.  

We encourage you to reach out to our support team with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

Wales, we have you covered

We have previously provided Welsh language versions of the Specifications and Sample Assessment Materials for each of our 9 Tech Award subjects offered in Wales.

From this December/January series, learners will be able to sit and respond to the live Component 1 assessments in Welsh*. We will offer Component 2 assessments in Welsh from May/June 2024 and the first Welsh external assessments in January 2025.

* For Art and Design Practice, Component 1 will be available in Welsh from May/June 2024 series as there is no December/January series.

Supporting you as you teach

Our Subject Advisors are by your side, every step of the way. You can book an informal appointment, call or email directly, or follow them on social media. 

You can also lighten the load with Training from Pearson and get expert guidance and practical support from training events which count towards CPD. 

Discover how we are offering you more

Pearson BTEC | #OfferingYouMore

* This does not apply to Art and Design Practice or Performing Arts

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